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Labyrinth is a Handy dog exercise from Novice level

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Perchwork is good for teaching position
Cones are used for many exercises

NZ Association of Rally Obedience (NZARO) is a group of dog enthusiasts who love the sport of Rally Obedience because of its friendliness and its positive effects on us and our dogs' mind and body.

NZARO offers;-

  • Standard Rally,

  • Zoom Rally, and

  • Handy dog.


Rally-O is a sport which contains elements of obedience, agility and dancing with dogs. The course is numbered and timed and there might be cones, tunnels and jumps. There are turns, sits, downs and recalls. There are 270s, 360s, serpentines and spirals, fast speed and slow speed.


With the NZARO flavours you will also get courses with no sits or downs (Zoom) and courses that include changes of side and obstacles like planks, ladders, labyrinth, tunnel, weave, hoop and poles.


RallyO is suitable for the first-time dog owner, the obedience and agility competitor and the agility dog under 18 months as well as retired dogs that still want to work. It provides various levels, with increasing skill requirements.

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